Office Moving

Indonesia’s Reliable Business and Office Moving Company

Businesses and corporations around the world turn to Allied when they need to relocate their operations and staff. For a smooth, fully integrated office relocation, why risk hiring an Indonesian mover that isn’t as qualified as Allied for a job that is so important?

Our level of corporate moving expertise has allowed thousands of business managers to rest assured their operations, employees and equipment are all moved seamlessly and running again the moment the move is complete. We have streamlined all of our processes to incorporate planning, project management, communication and personal advisement to ensure all your moving needs are met without hurdles or delays.

We Offer Custom Office Relocation Services with Your Needs in Mind

Relocating business premises involves areas of expertise that differ from those of a household move. Implementing specialist techniques will help avoid heightened stress for business managers, who have a lot to focus on to ensure operations don’t suffer from extended downtime.

Protecting Your Assets During Your Relocation

As a business manager, it’s your job to protect company assets, such as IT equipment, software and data storage. The professional office movers at Allied Indonesia make sure your IT systems and telecoms are decommissioned securely, either the night before or on the day of the move to safeguard confidential data and client information. Our movers ensure there are no loose ends or possibilities of leaked information.

We work with you to implement an effective plan, so all your systems become operational the moment you arrive at your new location. Our expert packers and movers use the correct materials and techniques to transport all hardware safely and will place all furniture and equipment as per your instructions in your new business address.

Managing Employee Expectations

Office relocation can be stressful for everyone concerned, especially employees who are being asked to relocate with their families. They will be worried about finding new schools, homes to live in and moving the family pets. Your personal move coordinator at Allied can help you with everything your staff members will need to comfortably settle into their new location.

For this reason, it’s vital you manage your employees’ expectations of what is likely to happen during their move. We take a personal approach and liaise with you as a manager at every stage, so you can confidently tell your employees what to expect, within some very precise time lines. Allied offers a wealth of experience assisting office moves and staff, so we equip you with everything you need to settle your business and reassure staff at the same time.

Maintaining Business Continuity

Available 24/7 for communication, we are proactive when it comes to imparting necessary information along the way; this is especially helpful in case your business must maintain operations even throughout the move process. You don’t need to chase us, we’ll text, email or phone whenever we have information to deliver.

Contact our Indonesia team to start planning your office move today. Our moving consultants will work with you to ensure a seamless transition with minimal disruption to your business.