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Travelling abroad can expose you to a series challenges which is why it is always the best option to engage experienced international movers in Indonesia. The challenges that you may experience without professional guidance include understanding the local language as well as compliance with global security protocols and customs regulations. Another struggle is facilitating the coordination that is required to meet stringent deadlines in a timely fashion.

If you’re not the type of person who handles stress easily or you’re simply not looking forward to adding stress to your plans, you can hand it all over to the experts. Allied's international movers throughout Indonesia have guided thousands of people throughout their complex international moving process, so you can trust them to handle all the details of your planned relocation.

Moving long distances is what the moving specialists at Allied do best. Our multilingual specialists speak the languages of the region, including Javanese, Dutch and Arabic. If you’re moving from Iceland, for example, we can always source consultants who speak your native tongue as well.

With an unparalleled global network covering more than 600 locations and currently tallying roughly 50,000 international moves per year, Allied leads the logistics industry for successful global relocations.

International Movers Storage

Whether you are looking for a short or long-term storage solution, the friendly Allied staff will help you find the right storage option to suit your needs. When it comes to international movers  and storage providers, we understand that you don’t always know how long you will need to store your items for, which is why we offer flexible solutions that work around your needs.

We provide the best international moving  and storage services because our options are not limited to the secure storage of your items. We will be with you from the beginning to assist you with every aspect of your move.

Do you require professional packing and pre-storage assistance? We will come to your home and pack your belongings to prepare them for the move. Simply advise us what you need to have packed and we will take it from there. This includes sorting and organising your things into boxes to ensure that everything is protected to prevent deterioration or damage. Alternatively, you can do the packing and make a list for us to prepare secure storage of specific items.

Our trained international movers that operate all over Indonesia can also come to your home and load your belongings into a truck and transport them securely to the storage site.

For the best international movers storage, we use purpose-built storage facilities. Please note that these sites do not allow public access to ensure optimal security of your belongings. Also, our storage units are fully sealed and secure from vermin or anything else such as water or eroding elements that could have potential to damage your items.

As soon as you are settled in your new home or office, our international removals and storage team will return your stored items. Any boxes that have been packed for you, along with any other packing materials, will be taken away to ensure a tidy and clean service.

In addition to assisting residential clients, our international movers in Indonesia also provide secure storage for businesses small or large. No matter if you are storing files, furniture, or equipment we can provide you with the right storage solution to suit your needs. Simply call our experts in international movers storage today.

Our international movers & storage solutions are perfect if your business is relocating as we can be your one stop shop for the entire process. Our business relocation team will look after you throughout the entire process as you relocate your work site and will ensure that all materials which are stored are treated with the utmost care and consideration. Our storage business packs are sealed and stored in climate controlled facilities meaning that your documents and electronic equipment are protected from rust, mould and mildew.

Planning Tips

Need some help planning your move? We have provided some handing moving tips to help you get started. Simply click on the links below.

Pre-Moving Planning
Moving Day Planning
Post-Move Planning

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