Relocation Services in Jakarta – Corporate Relocation Services

Allied Indonesia is a subsidiary member of the worldwide SIRVA group, a global industry leader providing relocation services throughout Jakarta along with more than 160 countries.

As a SIRVA network partner, Allied is able to deliver premier corporate relocation services to migrating companies and their employees throughout Jakarta and Indonesia.

SIRVA’s global team of experienced moving specialists and relocation service providers in Jakarta are equipped to handle both inbound and outbound migration. Our corporate relocation specialists focus on providing a smooth transition to all customers through a personalised moving process.

Allied's point of difference is its strong customer-focused quality standard to ensure a simple and efficient relocation service experience from the heart of Jakarta. We will take care of everything in your relocation, right from the pre-move survey to post-move assistance including unpacking and home or office cleaning services. Ultimately, Allied Singapore is available to facilitate your removalist needs and guide you at every step of the process.

We are among the best relocation companies in Indonesia because we understand the needs of our customers whether it's carting furniture from one house to another or transferring office equipment with diligent care from one commercial site to the next. Whatever the task, we are here to help. Our primary goal is to ensure our clients are fully satisfied with what we have to offer and that is why we are constantly looking for ways to improve our services. In an industry where every minute counts, it is essential that our professional movers are fast and effective.

Comprehensive Relocation Services in Jakarta

SIRVA offers a scope of services to ensure our corporate clients can access, alter and add relocation solutions on-the-go. Clients can manage their program with ease to reduce their administrative workload.

Global Business Management

Allied Pickords end-to-end company relocation service in Indonesia provides assistance in a range of international business administration procedures, allowing clients to set up as quickly as possible.

Our global admin services include international supply chain management, invoicing, company reports, group moves, assignee compensation, payroll, policy design, applicant assessments, program analysis and expense management solutions.

Expat and Employee Assistance

SIRVA’s experienced on-the-ground staff and extensive service network provides all expats with access to relevant departure and destination services. Designed to support expats from start-to-finish throughout the duration of their overseas assignment, our services can be utilised in both the home and destination country.

Departure Services:

  • Home sale and marketing for your property
  • Lease termination for your rental agreement
  • Property management
  • Tenancy management
  • Spouse and partner assistance for family members
  • Expense management
  • Language and cultural education

Destination Services:

  • Orientation and introduction
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Real estate searches for properties
  • School search
  • Education services
  • Immigration and re-entry procedures
  • Removals and shipments of belongings
  • Expense tracking
  • Departure assistance

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Industry Leading Quality Assurance

Allied is committed to providing management reports that help maintain impeccable standards for relocation services in Jakarta, Indonesia. While Allied has developed a variety of reporting formats to suit the needs of its other clients, Allied will consult with you to customise the format, content and frequency of reporting, based on your company’s specific needs.

A key component of Allied’ reporting process includes the establishment and monitoring of Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. Over many years Allied has worked with our clients to define service standards that Allied will commit to each organisation and most importantly, how these will be measured.

Once the assessment and measurement of each KPI has been established, Allied will meet with your organisation to present how we have performed against the agreed KPIs.

Begin your move today with Allied's relocation services in Jakarta, Indonesia

Looking for the most efficient relocation service in Jakarta? With so many other relocation companies in the country, it can be challenging to find the right service provider for you. Fortunately, we are a reputable and accomplished business with the support of a great parent company with impeccable global reach. Whatever you need, Allied will get you there.

Our premium market position ensures you will always receive high quality service and support. Be assured that our dedicated team of professional movers have the training and the experience required to complete your move as swiftly and as safely as possible. Allied is ready to assist you with your next move. Contact us today for more information about our relocation services in Jakarta and all of Indonesia.