Is Jakarta a good place to live?

Indonesian industry of late has been performing quite well. To paint a picture, the Indonesian archipelago, situated at the intersection of the Pacific Ocean, along the Malacca Straits and the Indian Ocean, sees more than half of all international shipping move through its surrounding waters. This would indicate that country serves as an important trade hub. Opportunities abound for many in such a place.

The guiding principles of its people – the belief in one God, a just and civilised humanism, unity of Indonesia, democratic citizenship lead by wise guidance of representative consultation and social just for all of its people – has led to the development of quite the industrious nation state.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations confirms that Indonesia has the fourth largest population in the world of about 270 million while almost half of that number reside in urban locations.

Jakarta itself is a rapidly developing city boasting a world-class food and coffee scene along with luxurious developments. At its heart, Indonesia is a composite of cultures, beliefs and desires – the product of 17,000 islands. Mingle with the locals and see a variety of architecture from food stalls to malls and fine dining eateries.

Earlier this year, Indonesian Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati reported on the state of the country's economy. Corporate income tax fell due to the global economy slowdown which was largely due to COVID-19. At the beginning of January 2020, additional social assistance was also carried out.

In March 2020, Indonesia President Joko Widodo confirmed the health and safety of the country’s community was the Government’s main priority, implementing social distancing, preparing contingency plans for hospital service readiness, including accelerating the construction of hospitals on Galang Island, in the Riau Islands. He mandated the availability of health equipment such as masks, personal protective equipment, and hand sanitisers, also prioritising the needs of domestic medical devices and stopping the export of masks and medical devices.

It was pleasing to hear the President prioritise the needs of Indonesia's people while also supporting businesses via tax stimulus packages. He said in a speech that the COVID-19 pandemic impacted public health as well as the business world. He stressed the fulfilment of basic needs needed to be anticipated in the current situation and that the government would ensure that staple goods were sufficient and set at stable prices. His government also introduced provisions or economic incentives for micro, small and medium-sized businesses.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia's Ministry of Finance facilitates the refocusing and reallocation of the state's budget in the interests of handling the health crisis quickly while continuing to prioritise accountability and applicable regulations.

Indonesia’s ministries and institutions were encouraged by the Ministry of Finance, in accordance with the President’s instructions, to reallocate spending activities that are less effective during the pandemic, including official travel expenses, seminars and people gatherings.

The Ministry of Finance actioned a number of policies including: relief of PPh22 and PPh25 tax obligations for 19 manufacturing industry sectors; simplification / reduction of the number of import activities in order to improve the smoothness and availability of raw materials; reducing the number of imported lartas, for companies with producer status (the initial stage will be applied to steel products, alloy steel, and derivative products); simplification of regulations regulated by more than one K / L (duplication) in the form of horticulture, animal and animal products, as well as drugs, medicinal ingredients, and food; reducing the number of imported lartas for strategic food products used in the manufacturing industry, such as industrial salt, sugar, flour, corn, meat and potatoes.

Other policies involved the acceleration of export and import processes for reputable traders (companies with high levels of compliance) to increase the smooth flow of goods to reduce logistics costs as well as the development of the National Logistics Ecosystem (NLE). NLE is a platform that facilitates collaboration of information systems between government and private agencies to simulate and synchronise the flow of information and documents in export/import activities at ports and domestic goods trading and distribution activities through data sharing, business process simulations and elimination of repetition and duplication. It aims to increase and accelerate the services of the export-import process.

Under Joko Widodo’s guidance, the state budget was prioritised to keep the business world affected by COVID-19 moving and the Indonesian economy growing. Based on the country's commitment to diversifying its economy while protecting its people as best it can, it would appear that Jakarta is a glorious location to reside in. Opportunities in business are diverse, the city is developing at a rapid rate and the culture is a unique blend of languages, traditions and customs.

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